gather round children, zip it, listen., Just turned in our ballots! #obama #equalrights...

Just turned in our ballots! #obama #equalrights #legalizemarijuana (at Kyle Land)

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  1. winterlong said: You’re awesome.
  2. hijen said: I am glad you voted for Obama, however I would take this picture down because you vote could be nullified and you could face criminal charges for posting a picture of your ballot.
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  4. soldierofkrypton said: I hope you don’t live in a state that voids your vote if you post it on social media.
  5. wantedtobehaunted said: Thank you for being an intelligent voter, hoping for good things for all of these choices
  6. mechanicalvibrations said: Some states bar ballot photography! Your vote could be nullified and you might be prosecuted if you live in such a state! I’d recommend removing this, but good job!! You make good choices!
  7. notestehaim said: your vote will be nullified if you photograph it…
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  9. lahearted said: take this down or they can nullify your votes! (however, i do totally agree with your choices)
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